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Helping people in therapy to overcome their challenges and struggles, using different techniques and modalities.

Our therapeutic philosphy

After many years of helping people in therapy to overcome their challenges and struggles, using different techniques and modalities, we have come to realise that every person we encounter has an internal experience of emptiness and longing that they are aching to fulfil.


As human beings, we are constantly seeking to feel whole and connected – so much so that we fill our time with all sorts of external pursuits, activities and bad habits to increase our happiness, to fill that gap and escape the pain and suffering caused by that experience of emptiness. Every person that comes to us for therapy has already figured out that what is missing in life is something that is within them. Their true Self. A Self that they are longing to reconnect with.


spiritual traditions

Throughout history, spiritual traditions around the world have spoken about the existence of an underlying Self – a true Self. In Zen Buddhism, they call it the Tao, the underlying pure essence or energy. According to the Zen Buddhist teachings, you can have a Satori experience in which there is a recapturing or reconnecting with that underlying essence.


But how does that help those of us who aren’t practicing Zen Buddhists? What if there was a technique we could use in therapy to uncover that version of who we are? The innocent, open, connected real You. And what if every single issue that we’re experiencing in terms of psychological disorders are really just our own struggle to try to recapture or reconnect to that deeper version of who we are?


spiritual awakening as therapy

At the South African Centre for Spiritual Awakening, we help you rediscover that connection to your true Self and then embark on the journey of healing that allows you to integrate that version of You into your daily life, into your relationships, into your work, and into your experience of yourself. With spiritual awakening as a foundation for your journey into healing, you can be guided into an experience of the real You.

what is the real You that you are awakening to?

In an Awakening experience, we come to the realization that we are actually awakening to a pre-existing Self. We awaken to the understanding that our true essence existed before our birth and will continue on long after we leave this body and this life. Consciousness is not born and it does not die. It is the only constant in this ever-changing world. When we get in touch with our real Self, we begin to notice the all-pervasive and boundless nature of our essence.


As much as we try, the essential Self is an experience that cannot be limited or captured by words or thoughts. We are not an object or structure that can be described and defined. What we are is actually a process of experiencing, rather than an “experiencer”. We are the experience itself, not the object that observes the experience. We come to see that what we truly are is a pure spark of the Divine.


If we can have an experience of our true Self, this suggests that we have not been living as our true Self all along. What, then, is the self that we have been living as, and experiencing ourselves as, throughout our lives? The answer is ego identity. We have been experiencing life and ourselves through the filter of the ego. We have been identifying as ego. This means that we have believed we are this mind and this body that we inhabit, and we have believed we have a past and a future. (What is Satori?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33f3CKZLe0w Accessed on 09/06/2020

Getting To Know The Ego

The ego is responsible for all of our problems, all of our anxieties, all of our fears, all of our emotions such as anger or happiness, all of our thoughts and reactions, and all of our behaviours. The ego is transient and unreliable. It is the belief of “I am the mind, I am the emotions and I am the body” that causes all of our suffering. Satori is an experience of freedom from identification with the ego, where we experience reality and our essential Self as it is, in its purest form. In other words, Satori or Awakening is an experience of reality and the true Self, without interference or resistance from the illusionary, egoic self.


The ego is also responsible for all of our patterns and programmes – the unconscious ways in which we have been living our lives. These patterns and programmes are learned behaviours and beliefs, and they are linked to linear time and to our place of birth, but it is not who we are. For the most part, we are unaware of our patterns and programmes, yet they maintain control over us and repeatedly play themselves out throughout our lives. In a Satori or Awakening experience, we automatically drop all of the patterns and programmes that run our lives.


We are freed from our learned behaviours and beliefs. Many people try to change or adjust their patterns and programmes from the level of the egoic self, but this is a futile quest. We can only transcend our conditioning by awakening. From the perspective of our true nature, our conditioning does not exist. There is, therefore, nothing that can be changed or adjusted. It is only in awakening to the illusion of the ego and its cunning ways that we can be liberated.

freedom through awakening

And the beauty of the Awakening experience, or entering into the Awakened state, is that it doesn’t take years or even months to achieve. Awakening is instant. It happens in a moment. Rather than being a journey, the Awakening experience is a like flipping a switch. One minute you’re sitting in darkness, and the next minute the light comes on and you can see everything clearly. In a moment, you go from suffering to freedom. With the right teacher and guidance, everything can look and feel different instantly.


It is the most beautiful, profound and transformational experience that every person has the ability to attain. And when we have been in the Awake state enough times, we can live from that place, from that state of consciousness. It is from that place of Beingness that we can be in permanent harmony with our unfolding experience of reality, and we can experience our true Self as an expression of unconditional love and joy, and as one with all of creation. We can live as the pure spark of the Divine that we truly are.