We believe you deserve to live your most joyful life and finally be free from anxiety.

After many years of helping people in therapy to overcome their challenges and struggles, we have come to see that every person we encounter has an internal experience of loneliness and longing that they are aching to fulfill.


As human beings, we constantly seek to feel whole and connected – so much so that we fill our time with all sorts of external pursuits, activities, and bad habits to increase our happiness, fill that gap, and escape the pain and suffering we experience. Every person who comes to us for therapy experiences high levels of anxiety and has tried everything to free themselves from it. From a spiritual perspective, what we know is that the loneliness and anxiety are created by a deep inner longing to reconnect to themselves in a meaningful way. They are seeking inner peace and a more joy-filled experience of reality. They are searching their true Self.


In our individual sessions and online course, we help you rediscover your connection to your true Self and embark on the journey of healing that allows you to integrate that version of You into your daily life, into your relationships, into your work, and into your experience of yourself. With spiritual awakening as a foundation for your journey into healing, you will be guided into an experience of the real You, at peace.

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Faine Fitzgerald

I am so excited to help you reconnect to yourself, and for you to finally experience internal harmony. It changed my entire life. I have no doubt it will do the same for you.

Shaldon Fitzgerald - Founder and Therapist

Shaldon Fitzgerald

I look forward to working with you and being part of your transformation.