My quality of life has improved significantly. This experience has been life-changing.



Working with Shaldon has felt like many things, but ‘work’ is not one of them. Re-discovering who I am has helped me step into confidence and clarity. It has also helped to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, things I have walked a long journey with.

What I appreciate the most about his techniques is that they start working immediately – it’s not about spending 3 years in a therapist’s office. He realigned me with my sense of purpose after a few sessions. I am now in a space where I look forward to sessions, not because I need them but because I feel this is such a great investment in myself. Thank you, Shaldon.


Industrial Psychologist

I have been on a spiritual self discovery for a while. I was introduced to spiritual awakening with Faine. It was a gentle and calming experience, and added tools to help letting go of feelings of anxiety and uncertainties. Connecting with the true self is a magical experience on a daily basis.

It is an effortless pursuit that comes naturally, understanding that the true self is not the physical form but greater than my thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts are natural but having the key to free myself from the intensity blows my mind. Letting go of the simplest attachments has nurtured my spiritual growth and general well-being beyond what I had imagined. I am blessed and forever grateful to have embarked on my journey with Faine.