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Awakening to Enlightenment Online Course Image - Shaldon Awaken to an anxiety-free life.


6-week online video course



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Buy our 6-week online course now to overcome anxiety and find peace within yourself.


Everyone is desperate to live a life free from anxiety, stress and fear, rising above daily and more monumental challenges. Our new six-week online programme provides you with the key to exponentially transforming your life, awakening to possibilities you may have previously thought impossible.

What distinguishes our programme from any other where similar promises are made? As quickly as the first session, you will be able to access a contentment and a tangible sense of wonder that have largely proved elusive in your life. By connecting you to your True Self.

This unique, powerful and profound technique will help you to realise your full potential by transcending all the limiting beliefs and pain entrenched in your subconscious mind through your upbringing, socialisation, education and experiences.

Beyond your persona, hardwired patterns and programming, there is an Authentic Self that does not respond to your life and circumstances with high levels of mental and emotional turbulence. Through the course, you will be taught how to access inner peace and harmony regardless of what is happening around you, in alignment with your True Self.

In the six weeks, you will learn how to allow your Soul to guide you, enabling you to live in your Natural State. It’s an unrivalled opportunity to an anxiety- and stress-free existence, which enables you to fully enjoy the present moment and approach the future with unchecked enthusiasm.

Even more importantly, you will get to live a life filled with meaning and purpose, in synch with who you were born to be.


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It’s your chance at an anxiety-free life.