Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is your process different to other therapies?

Our therapeutic process focuses on your connection to your true Self. We do not purely focus on your mind, body, and emotions – as in traditional talk therapies. With our specialised Spiritual Awakening techniques, we help you transcend the limited experience of yourself and life by bringing you back into alignment with your soul. We use a series of meditations throughout the process so that you can integrate the teachings into your daily life.

2. What is a spiritual awakening?

Through the process of spiritual awakening, you are given the opportunity and guidance to reconnect to your soul, your authentic nature. This version of you is already at peace. Your true Self does not carry the pain and hurt from the past or the mental struggles that you experience from day to day. Through our process, you learn to transcend the inner critic that is tearing you down and sabotaging your life. You might feel like life has beaten you down. You might feel broken. Your soul, however, is a version of you that is already whole and complete, and does not struggle and suffer through life’s trials and tribulations. In our 6-week process, you will learn to live from that place of peace and harmony within yourself.

3. What does a spiritual awakening help with?

The spiritual awakening process will help you to release such conditions as anxiety, stress, depression, trauma and grief, amongst others, in order for you to experience freedom from the emotional pain and discomfort.

4. How long is a session?

Each session is an hour long.

5. How many sessions will I need?

We have a 6-week process that helps you reconnect to your true Self, your soul. Over the course of the 6 weeks, we assist you to integrate your experience and deepen your connection to your soul, so that you can learn to live from that version of yourself that is already at peace. Ultimately, through the process of weekly sessions, you are able to have a stable, solid experience of peace throughout your day, recognising that your self-attack and self-judgment experienced in your mind no longer serve you.

6. How much do sessions cost?

Our rate is €60 or R1200 per session.

7. How do I pay?

We have a few options when it comes to settling your account. You can discuss the details directly with your therapist when you confirm your first session.

8. Is there an age limit?

We mostly work with adults, however, can work with teenagers from 16 years old.

9. Where are sessions held?

Our sessions are held online via Whatsapp video call or Google Meet.

10. Do you only offer therapy sessions?

No, we also have an Awakening to Enlightenment online video course that takes you step-by-step through the full 6-week process.

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