We are Shaldon and Faine Fitzgerald, the dynamic husband and wife team that founded Soulscape Awakening back in 2020.

Each with our own unique backgrounds and therapeutic styles, we have merged our talents, skills, knowledge, and experience to offer our clients the phenomenal experience of Spiritual Awakening in the most profound, yet simple process.

We have taken hundreds of clients through the Awakening experience, to Perpetual Consciousness, and beyond. Helping them to progress along their spiritual path to stabilise inner peace and harmony.

Within just a few short weeks, our clients have overcome their incessant overthinking and have worked through many traumas and challenges from their past that’s created much anxiety and stress within them over the years.

Through our spiritual teachings and guidance, we help our clients find their passion, live their true purpose, align with their path, and live their best life with presence and absolute connectedness to everything they hold dear.

We would love to help you too.