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Our therapists are excited to help you on your Awakening Journey – to overcome anxiety, stress, depression, trauma and grief, and to experience peace and freedom within.

Faine Bisset - Founder and Therapist

Meet Faine

Faine Bisset is a qualified Research Psychologist, Counselling Hypnotherapist and Modern Dance Teacher. Over many years of seeking therapeutic support for various reasons, and after 10 years of studies to complete a Masters degree in Research Psychology, Faine felt that something was missing in her experience of the therapeutic process. She wasn’t getting the results she desired with traditional talk therapies and was left feeling despondent and hopeless. It was at this point that she came across Hypnotherapy. Seeing the benefits for herself, she made the decision to complete the Hypnotherapy Practitioners course, while becoming qualified as a Modern Dance Teacher.


With these three qualifications behind her, she realised the power of combining elements of all three modalities in helping people to overcome their emotional challenges. Thus, she developed her own methodology of healing and movement as an alternative to traditional Dance Therapy modalities which are not readily available in South Africa. She, then, founded Dance Therapy South Africa and has since helped many clients to overcome the challenges and emotional struggles associated with stress, anxiety, depression and many forms of childhood trauma.


This specific combination of techniques and modalities help people move through and beyond the emotional, psychological and physical issues that disrupt their lives. The process helps clients to reconnect with, and balance, mind, body and emotions, while processing and releasing emotions that have become stored and trapped in their body throughout their lives, having a negative effect on their behaviours and perceptions. These destructive patterns and habits can have a detrimental effect on many areas of their lives. As they are processed and released, clients experience an improvement in their emotional and psychological well-being, as well as in their relationships with themselves and others.


Throughout this journey, Faine was seeking universal truths and freedom through various spiritual practices. It was only when she came across the teachings and principles of Spiritual Awakening and Non-duality that she received practical guidance on how to merge spirituality with everyday life. This was the greatest turning point in terms of experiencing internal peace and harmony. By adding Spiritual Awakening to her therapeutic repertoire, she upped the ante on being able to help clients move towards internal freedom. This is where her passion and purpose collide – to help bring peace and harmony to those who have suffered enough and are searching for freedom.

“I am so excited to help you see who you truly are, and for you to finally experience internal harmony. It changed my entire life experience. I have no doubt it will do the same for you.”

Your life is about to change. We are here to help you make it the best change possible.

Faine Bisset
Shaldon Fitzgerald - Founder and Therapist

Meet ShAldon

Shaldon Fitzgerald is a Transformational Therapist with over 20 years experience. His therapeutic approach is very direct and clear, providing guidance and help in even the most difficult situations. He has helped many thousands of clients reach their goals in finding a happier, healthier and far more joyful life. Shaldon has a background in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and ran the National School of Hypnotherapy for over 10 years. Over the last 5 years, he has applied his thinking and experience to developing a whole new approach to therapy that he feels brings his clients what they need most.

“I look forward to working with you and being part of your transformation.”

Shaldon Fitzgerald